Structured Wiring

Dreaming of making your house a smart home? Generally most all homes are pre-wired with the cables you need for basic services such as electricity, telephone, and TV. That works for basic devices, but it’s most often not capable of supporting newer more modern technologies such as high speed internet and home automation systems. Clear Systems Integration can create an advanced wiring infrastructure throughout your home that will allow for high speed internet connections, security cameras and monitoring systems as well as many other devices that you will may wish to get in the near future. With a structured wiring system, you will be able to connect devices together throughout the different rooms in your house. Everything from speakers that play your favorite internet radio station in your living room to control panels that can adjust the temperature and lighting in your house, a structured wiring infrastructure will allow you to support almost any home automation system.

Are you tired of playing games and getting robbed of victory because your internet connection lagged you out? Even if you pay for high speed internet, the wiring in your home may be to blame for this. When we install our wiring infrastructure, we use the latest high speed gigabit Ethernet cables. With Gigabit Ethernet, your home network will become lightning fast, allowing you to reach the maximum speed of your internet connection. Additionally, sharing files between computers on your home network will become practically instantaneous.

With structured wiring you can get your home ready to install speakers in any room. Finally, no more speaker wires running behind couches and along walls. Instead, all wiring will be inside the walls – completely out of sight. Your home will even be ready to install a security system. Structured wiring will allow you to place cameras throughout your home that connect to a central security system. When properly wired, you can add equipment as your needs change or new services become available. Careful planning is necessary and we can help you gather your needs to properly wire your home or condo.

Setting up a new bar or sports lounge? Structured wiring has many commercial applications as well. We can set your business to handle multiple TV’s and speakers throughout the building. Contact Clear Systems Integration today and we can discuss your specific structured wiring needs.

Clear Systems Integration provides structured wiring to the Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Palm Harbor areas of Florida.