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Home Theater

Home Theater Design & Installation in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tampa & St. Petersburg The words “Home Theater” have many meanings to many people.  So, what does the term “home theater” really mean? One of the challenges we find is the ambiguous nature of the term ‘Home Theater’.  When someone says […]

Choosing Speakers

Choosing the Right Speakers There are many different types of speakers you can choose for your home theater, media room, outdoor areas or other rooms in your home or your business.  In order to choose the correct type of speakers it is important to know what the choices are available. Following are the […]

Commercial Video Systems Installation

Commercial AV

Imagine an elegant, intimate, dining experience where you can hear beautiful classical music in full fidelity, yet it’s quiet enough to easily carry on a conversation without straining to overcome the music.  Or perhaps, going to your favorite sports bar and watching every game simultaneously while enjoying your favorite bar […]