Dear Designer
As an Interior Designer, you may encounter projects in which the client is interested in a home theater, whole-house integration system, high-end audio/video system, or lighting control system. In these cases, you may be concerned with how this will integrate with your design.
At Clear Systems Integration, we specialize in designing, installing, and programming these systems for you. We are a locally based electronic systems contractor, and our focus includes home theater, lighting control, multi-room audio, surveillance, and much more. We have been in business for 6 years in the Tampa Bay area, and have successfully brought technology into clients’ homes and businesses throughout the region.
Clear systems Integration is experienced at seamlessly merging residential technology with the home’s design considerations. We know how to select attractive, low-profile products to suit a room’s theme, and our installers can expertly conceal systems behind walls, fixtures, or closets.
In this economic climate, customer satisfaction is more important than ever. We all know that happy customers mean more referrals and more work. You design beautiful interiors in homes and businesses for your clients and you want them to refer you. We will help you put the finishing touches on your project to make sure that your clients continue to love you and refer you. We will make sure that you are satisfied and your customers become raving fans.
We are professional, neat and reliable, and we will:
Treat your customers with all the care and concern that you provide them with.
Provide your clients with the individual attention they deserve.
Take the time to explain our extensive array of products, services and options.
Help you to further build your client base.
Strive for 100% satisfaction for you and your clients!

Our company is also a proud member of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). CEDIA is a trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home, and its members are proven experts held to the highest standards of certification and continuing professional development. You can learn more at
I would like to extend to you the opportunity to learn more about how a residential electronic systems contractor can join your team and help you meet your client’s needs for home technology while retaining the highest standards in aesthetic design. You can contact me at 813-781-5782 or I look forward to hearing from you.
Chris Luecke
Clear Systems Integration