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Home Theater Design & Installation in Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Tampa & St. Petersburg

The words “Home Theater” have many meanings to many people.  So, what does the term “home theater” really mean? One of the challenges we find is the ambiguous nature of the term ‘Home Theater’.  When someone says they want a home theater it is very important to understand what exactly their expectation is for a home theater.

Some people believe a home theater is a box of speakers that you buy from the local retail store or on-line, and connect them to an existing TV.  This is referred to as a “home theater in a box”.  While budget constraints or a lack of passion for the home theater experience make this the best solution for some, we are not referring to this type of a set-up when we discuss home theater.  In addition to the equipment there are many more features, functions and planning that goes into what constitutes a home theater at Clear Systems Integration.

Whether used as a dedicated space or a multi-purpose room, the goal of a properly designed home theater is to faithfully reproduce both the picture and sound content.  Providing this type of experience takes knowledge and skill to produce and is the result of a comprehensive design approach embracing both form and function.  All of the A/V equipment and the room itself must work together in order to facilitate the “willing suspension of belief”.  This phrase is used by movie makers to describe the phenomenon in which an audience, while watching a movie, is willing to accept it as reality.  Without a willing suspension of disbelief, the audience will not relate to the movie and its characters or connect emotionally with them.

Home theater to Clear systems Integration means delivering an experience that immerses the client in the entertainment and will bring great value and enjoyment to the client, their family and friends.  Here are just some of the attributes we achieve:

  • A great listening experience for both music and movies
  • A visually stimulating picture for movies, concerts and sports
  • An environment that is compelling and draws family and friends together
  • The best gaming environment they have ever experienced
  • A special place, a retreat from everyday reality

At CSI we can meet with you to discuss your needs, budgets, and expectations in order to design and install a home theater that provides a phenomenal home theater experience.

Clear Systems Integration installs and designs home theater systems in Tampa, St. Petersburg, ClearwaterPalm Harbor & surrounding areas of Florida.

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